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The 1 & Done Agency specializes in insurance for trucking companies. At The 1 & Done Agency we rise above our competition by bundling our Client’s required insurance with our expert DOT compliance/ safety consulting and exceptional service, all to offer our clients a superior product.In addition to Insurance professionals, our team also includes transportation professionals with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in helping transportation companies of all sizes get the right protection for their businesses. We know the industry and have built a reputation for providing sound advice to transportation companies to manage risk both on and off the road.Why trust your insurance needs with someone who sells truck insurance part time? The 1 & Done Agency specializes in insurance for truckers and trucking companies. Our focus is to provide the best insurance protection tailored to the Client’s unique needs.

Commercial Trucking Insurance in Connecticut


Our knowledge and experience make us one of the most respected commercial truck insurance agencies in the industry. We don’t follow the “one size fits all” attitude of many other commercial insurance agencies. Large or small, The 1 & Done Agency listens and tends to the needs of each client to custom make the perfect insurance policy for their business. Our friendly experts will explain all Federal, State and local requirements and help every client select the necessary coverage to protect their business and their livelihood. 


1 & Done is a commercial trucking insurance agency built on the foundation of quality and hard work. Our mission is to aid the professionals of America’s trucking industry in managing the risks of their trade and to help them recover from the unexpected. 1 & Done is proud to offer “peace of mind” at the highest standard of integrity and professionalism by providing tailored insurance policies specific to the needs of each unique client and access to our team of trucking and compliance specialists.

Commercial Trucking Insurance in Taxes