Pavement Preservation (When, Where, and How)

Like a smooth ride? So do we! There’s nothing better than a long haul on a freshly paved open road (except maybe a short haul on one!). Click above to view the complete article from and see what the US DOT is doing to improve and preserve roadways and how this may not only benefit the comfort of your haul, but positively impact safety, performance, and savings as well!

How technology has come to affect trucking

You’ve all undoubtedly heard of the ELD mandate by now. But there are also a great many positives to come from the advent of new technology influencing the trucking industry. Click above to view the complete article from for a brief but comprehensive review on the pros and cons of today’s tech as it pertains to the hardworking drivers that move American forward

Fuel and relief haulers in 26 states exempt from HOS regs

As a result of hurricane Harvey, FMCSA has temporarily excluded certain trucking operations from the typical rules and regulations of some hours of service requirements. Click above to view the full article and see how your trucking operations may be effected.

September calendar: Driver appreciation week ahead

As many of you know, September dedicates a week to honoring the hardworking professionals that compose our trucking industry. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week for 2017 is September 10th – 16th . However, there are other important events this month you’ll want to keep a look out for too!

Audit Initiated of DOT’s Management of Highway

The Inspector General has begun auditing the DOT’s management of research and development agreements as they pertain to highway/ vehicle safety. Click above to view the announcement from the official memorandum is also available in PDF version.

Roehl offering $10,000 sign-on bonus to experienced drivers

Roehl Transport (No. 63 on the CCJ Top 250) is offering experienced truck drivers in certain divisions a $10,000 sign-on bonus, beginning Sept. 25! Click above to view the complete article from to learn more about eligibility and payment details

Cummins reveals all-electric tractor prototype

To keep up with increases in fuel economy standards, Cummins unveils their prototype for their first all-electric tractor. Cummins even beat some big names to the punch on this innovation to provide a safe and clean fuel source, like Tesla who is scheduled to introduce a similar prototype in the near future. Click above to view the full article and learn how this may influence the future of the trucking industry.

Fuel prices skyrocket nationwide in wake of Harvey

Click above to view the full article. View a comprehensive breakdown on changes in fuel costs as a result of hurricane Harvey. Stay in the know on where fuel is cheapest and which areas to avoid. This may be something to keep in mind as the events of our Nations second recent hurricane (Irma) unfold.